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Sagittarius: 2172Sagittarius: 2172 is a real-time puzzle/space strategy game. Instead of using classic color tetris rules, «Sagittarius: 2172» revolves around a spaceship, which can be upgraded and can seriously change course of game. Players can focus on construction, research or acquisition of resources. Players also can use special abilities, such as time control or missile attack to facilitate game. Controls:

• „Left arrow“ or „A“ – move figure left;

• “ Right arrow“ or „D“ – move figure right;

• „Up arrow“ or „W“ – swap blocks in figure;

• „Down arrow“ or „S“ – accelerate motion of figure;

• „Esc“ – pause (during game is paused you can build and upgrade modules of mothership);

• „Space“, „Ins“ – drop figure;

• „1“, „2“, „3“, „4“ – use abilities;

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